Mighty Aztec Eagle

Unique Handcrafted Upcycled Metal Eagle Bird Sculpture

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SKU: 260390
According to legend, the ancient Aztecs were to build their great city where they saw an eagle perched on a cactus eating a snake. Armando Ramírez captures the brave, regal stance of the mighty Mexican eagle with this scupture. He transforms sprockets, wires, sheets of metal and tubes into a vivid sculpture worthy of admiration.

Ramírez does not give his sculptures a fine polished finish, therefore smudges and scratches may be present.
  • Recycled metal
  • Components may vary slightly in size and form
  • Features a rustic, rugged finish
  • Promotes recycling and reduces waste
  • 5.91 lbs
  • 12.3 inches H x 17 inches W x 9.5 inches D
  • Made in Mexico

Meet the Artist

Armando Ramirez