African Café

Putumayo African Café Music CD

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If you enjoyed 'Acoustic Africa', you'll love this collection of acoustic songs from across the continent that offers even more flavors of Africa. Whether you are sipping an espresso in a tent on the savanna or savoring a rooibos latte in a café in Seattle, these songs will put you in an African state of mind. This album includes an African coffee recipe.

Track list:
  • 'Namm Naa Leen' by Yoro Ndiaye
  • 'M'aa Kiana' by Toto Bona Lokua
  • 'Mukana' by Oliver Mtukudzi
  • 'Ndule' by Jaja Bashengezi
  • 'Yeke Yeke' by Takeifa
  • 'Jikko' by Les Freres Guisse
  • 'Odongo' by Winyo
  • 'Laidu' by Rokia Traore
  • 'Leila' by Ray Lema
  • 'Likambo Ya Ngana' by Franco et le T.P.O.K. Jazz
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  • 5 inches H x 5.5 inches W x 0.3 inches D
  • Made in USA

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