Totonaca God of Fire

Museum Replica Mexican Archaeological Ceramic Sculpture

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Smiling placidly, Huehuetéotl wears an elaborate headdress as he sits in a welcoming pose. He is known as the 'Old God Fire' throughout Mesoamerica. He is depicted with small eyes suggesting blindness, and a beard suggesting old age. Angel Cerón masterfully crafts a detailed ceramic replica of the Huehuetéotl incense burner found in Cerro de las Mesas, in the state of Veracruz. The original is attributed to the Totonaca culture and dated 600-900 A.D.
  • Ceramic
  • Museum replica(s)
  • Signed by the artist
  • 2.95 lbs
  • 9.5 inches H x 6.8 inches W x 7.3 inches D
  • Made in Mexico

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