Aztec Duality

Life and Death Pre-Hispanic Mask Ceramic Replica

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Artisans from the Angel Cerón Artisan Association are inspired by the concept of duality in Aztec spirituality and art for the design of this mask. 'Existential duality between life and death is at the root of all conflict within oneself, and in relationship with others. We are born with both impulses, that of living and evolving, and that of dying,' explain the Mexican artisans. Experts in pre-Hispanic art, the artisans craft a ceramic mask in which the green side of the face symbolizes life, and the other represents a skull. An ornate headdress with serpents, an eagle and two suns underscore the divine theme of this mask.
  • Ceramic
  • 2.12 lbs
  • 9.8 inches H x 11.8 inches W x 2.6 inches D
  • Made in Mexico

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