Kokopelli Serenade

Hand Made Cultural Steel Coat and Key Holder

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Kokopelli the flautist is borne from myth and legend; he travels far and wide playing melodious tunes inviting all to dance. Now he adorns this extraordinary coat rack, forged of iron by J. Blas, who uses a novel technique of his own design to cut the iron sheets. The rack is painted by hand with a blend of enamel and acrylic hues, infusing a rustic elegance.

Kokopelli dates back to pre-historic times; regarded as a deity, he is usually depicted with a humped back, playing a flute. Ancient legends suggest Kokopelli was a Toltec trader who traveled from central Mexico to the United States' southwestern deserts and mountains, where he is featured in the form of rock art dating thousands of years. Kokopelli played his flute to announce his arrival and according to Pueblo legends, he carried seeds, babies and blankets in his hump which he offered to the maidens he seduced.

To the Hopi, Kokopelli plays his flute to draw heat from the Earth and thus make the seeds grow. His name derives from Koko ('wood') and pilau ('hump'). Kokopelli is believed to be present whenever life comes forth from seed – plant or animal.
  • Iron
  • 1.72 lbs
  • 11.8 inches H x 18 inches W x 3.5 inches D
  • Made in Mexico

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J. Blas

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