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Hand Crafted Sterling Silver Choker from Thailand

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SKU: 394832
This sleek silver choker from Thai artisan Pakaon Sojintarit is just what your jewelry box is missing. Crafted from sterling silver, the thin, round choker features a textured pattern with a combination finish and an s-hook clasp. Perfect for stacking or wearing alone.
  • 925 silver
  • Combination finish
  • S-hook or hook clasp
  • 1 oz
  • 16.5 inches L x 0.2 inches W
  • Made in Thailand

Meet the Artist

Pakaon Sojintarit

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  • Preserving Traditions
    Preserving Traditions

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  • Preserving Traditions
    Preserving Traditions

    This artist uses traditional techniques handed down through the generations and/or creates culturally significant items, helping keep these traditions alive.

    The Preserving Traditions badge is awarded to artisans who use traditional techniques handed down through the generations, as well as artisans that craft culturally significant items, keeping these traditions alive. "