Golden Age

Gold Plated Gemstone Necklace with Prasiolite and Amethyst

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The golden age of Indian jewelry arrived with the Mughal emperors in the 16th century. From turban to toe, rulers and their courtiers wore countless gemstones. So-called 'sumptuary laws' even prevented anyone who wasn't a member of the royal family from wearing jewels. This necklace captures a small facet of that splendor with a collection of dazzling gems encircled in 14k gold plated sterling silver. Blue topaz, amethyst, prasiolite and smoky quartz are joined in an intriguing and subtle color combination.
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  • 1k gold plated 925 sterling silver, amethyst, prasiolite, smoky quartz, blue topaz
  • 0.20 lbs
  • 24 inches L
  • Made in India