Jade Facial Roller

Genuine Jade Facial Roller

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A luxurious experience as part of your skincare routine!

A facial massage with this jade roller will help release stiffness and tension in the facial and neck muscles. It helps refresh blood circulation and oxygen supply to the skin, which helps improves elasticity and skin tone. Lymphatic drainage is stimulated with gentle and persistent (downward) pressure of the roller, which can reduce puffiness and sagging particularly around the cheeks and eyes.

The jade stone is known for its healing qualities, and also represents balance and harmony.

HOW TO USE: Lightly grasp the roller and gently massage your muscles around the jaws, cheeks, and forehead. This tool can be used by itself or in combination with face masks, serums, moisturizers, and facial oils for better absorption of the product.

Keep your wrist close to your face when you use this tool; you do not need to press hard or roll swiftly to feel relief. Can be used daily, morning and evening.

Tip: Rollers can be hand-warmed before use or popped in the fridge a few minutes prior to rolling for an extra cooling effect used cold to re-invigorate a sore and tired face.

  • Jade
  • 0.66 lbs
  • 7 inches H x 4 inches W x 1 inches D

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