Ying and Joy Turned Adversity into Success

Ying and Joy Turned Adversity into Success

Posted by Jacqueline Faber on Jun 19th 2021

Ying and Joy are the tag-team duo who bring style, beauty, and love to their woven, knitted, and hand-embroidered creations. Born and raised in Chiang Mai, Thailand, these two women met while working in a factory for a foreign clothing brand. One day, the company decided to relocate production, and Ying and Joy — along with countless other workers — suddenly found themselves unemployed and unsure how to make ends meet.

“Our new chapter began with an unexpected change,” they say, “but we turned crisis into opportunity.” As their former co-workers began to disperse, traveling home to look for whatever work they could find, such as longan farming, these two women looked at one another and bet on risk instead.

The project they imagined was bigger than themselves. They wanted to use the incredible artisan skills they had cultivated at the clothing brand, and combine them with creativity, new designs, and a whole lot of heart. Their goal was to support themselves, but also to help others along the way. Describing the women they had once worked with, Ying and Joy explain, “Most of them were over 40, so it was hard to find other garment factories to work in. Our project was the best way to help them.”

And help them, they did. Today, Ying comes up with designs and marketing strategies, while Joy performs quality control and exports. What they’re most proud of, though, is how they have impacted their community. “We’re proud that we can use our experience in this business to offer work and income for over 50 people.” That joy is evident in the beauty of their creations and the gorgeous pieces they create for all of us to wear.