Gratitude is Integral to Wayan Asmana's Work

Gratitude is Integral to Wayan Asmana's Work

Posted by Jacqueline Faber on Sep 30th 2021

Ornate silver jewelry

A Simple Grain of Rice

Let’s take a jaunt over to Bali as the stunning and iconic rice terraces of the island prepare for harvest. This ancient staple is not only central to the economy and the everyday lives of the Balinese, it also finds its way into the cultural artifacts of its most skilled craftspeople.

With the harvest in mind, we pay homage to this essential staple and the way that Balinese artists embrace it through rice paper notebooks, beautiful oil paintings, exquisite silver jewelry, and so much more.

Meet Wayan Asmana

Ornate silver jewelry

It’s fitting, perhaps, that one of Wayan Asmana’s most beautiful pieces of jewelry is a necklace that evokes the abundance of a prosperous rice harvest. In a way, it’s symbolic of his journey toward becoming a renowned NOVICA artisan — a fact that fills him with love and appreciation.

He says, “My jewelry is now known in many different countries… thanks to you. We hope to work with you forever.”

Sterling Silver Chain Necklace, "Sleek"; Silver Floral Brooch with Cultured Black Pearls, "Ebony Buds" and Men's Silver and Onyx Bracelet, "Royal Bali"

Before NOVICA, his sales mostly came from tourists who frequented his workshop in Sukawati, long considered Bali’s most important jewelry center. But his income waxed and waned with global events that impacted the tourism market.

He even recalls a painful experience when a customer came to his workshop and purchased almost $1,200 worth of jewelry. When Asmana went to the bank to change the dollars into rupiah, he was told that the money was counterfeit and there was nothing he could do.

Silver Hook Earrings with Garnets, “Crimson Gaze”; Cultured pearl brooch, “Starlight Flower” and Onyx and Silver Earrings, "Gleaming Paddy"

Today, his life looks very different. Not only has his gorgeous jewelry found its way to adoring customers around the world — a high honor for any artist—he has also been able to support his family and uplift his community in the process.

“I am thankful that God gave me a chance to work with you,” he says.

We’re happy to say that we feel the exact same way.