At Upworthy, we're on a mission to share the best of humanity with the rest of the world.

As part of that mission, we've created UPWORTHY MARKET – a place for people who care about supporting people around the world through the power of their purchase.

UPWORTHY MARKET is the Upworthiest place to shop for goods filled with the power of community and the spirit of connection. It's a place for values-living customers to drive real positive impact through their purchasing power. UPWORTHY MARKET products are designed to inspire, uplift and motivate energized, engaged and influential people who want their purchases to add to the greater good.

To create UPWORTHY MARKET we are partnered with NOVICA, one of the world’s largest artisan marketplaces. Since inception, NOVICA has sent over $100M in funds to artisans, providing vital income to village communities around the world. NOVICA works directly with artisans empowering them to connect with values-driven customers while preserving humanity's global artistic traditions for generations to come.